Art + Industry, Roots that Clutch

Our new book about the Duwamish River Artist Residency: Art + Industry - Roots That Clutch, was just added to : Seattle Art Museum Library and the UW Special Collections.

Book design by Juliet Shen

Book design by Juliet Shen

My recent show at Perry and Carlson Gallery in Mount Vernon

November 2017

Perry and Carlson Gallery

504 South 1st Street
Mount Vernon, Washington  98273

The work in this show was based on observational drawings I made of crane barges along the Duwamish River in Seattle over the past six years. Massive in scale, graphic in shape, these vessels are markers in the industrial landscape. Using a process of iteration and methodical exploration I've created deconstructed images in various techniques, including, monoprints, transfers, soft sculpture, and foam cutouts


Show at @Zeitgeist

Love showing my work at Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square. 171 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA WA 98101. Best brick walls in town. 

Love showing my work at Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square. 171 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA WA 98101. Best brick walls in town. 

My Manifesto

Artist Manifesto (in two languages)

The lovely Ulrike Ulrich wrote this Artist Manifesto for me, "without time there's no art" so very true.

Check out her work:


About Time

Die Sache ist die. Es gibt genug Widerstände. 

Zeit ist ein Faktor. Ohne Zeit keine Kunst. 

Die Widerstände werden uns nicht ausgehen. 

We don't need to fight for time. 

There are so many other things that we can fight for. 

And then again: Kunst ist nicht Kämpfen. 

Um das Suchen geht es. Um das Experiment. 

Den anderen Blick. Nicht aus dem Zeitfenster. 

Zeitfenster brauchen wir nicht. Wir brauchen Zeit. 

Und den Kopf über dem Nebel. 

Langfristig brauchen wir. Long-term freedom. 

Keine Zwänge, keine Verbindlichkeiten. Wir zahlen nicht ab. 

Tage ohne Termine. Das ist es, was wir brauchen. 

Tage ohne Termine. Nächte ohne Deadline. 

Wir brauchen keine toten Linien. Wir brauchen lebendige Striche. 

Wir organisieren nicht. We do not organize. Nothing and nobody. 

We are nobody's manager. Not even our own. 

Wir stehen im Wind und halten uns gut. 

Wir sind nicht alleine. We'll never work alone. 

Aber wir lassen uns auch nicht instrumentalisieren. 

Wir haben kein Ziel. We are on the move. 

We're moving shifting changing… 

Die Sache ist die: Dafür brauchen wir Zeit. 

Duwamish Residency #5

Year 5 of the Duwamish Residency. We got to explore some really interesting industrial areas this year. Which included spending some time in both a cement plant, and the Georgetown Steam Plant. We took a tour of NucorSteel and walked the river. Stay tuned for mages and new art work on our joint site Duwamish Artist Residency very soon.

I did a huge amount of drawing on site, and took a lot of reference photos (like this one)  to use when I get back in to my studio as a starting point for a new series of paintings.