56 Faces: How My Installation Turned Into a Performance Piece

If you go to Zeitgeist around 4pm - you will probably run into me. What was supposed to be an installation has turned into a performance piece. Every day, I get a phone call, letting me know how many pieces fell off the wall over night. Then I rearrange my day, head on down to Zeitgeist and try and reattach the pieces. I've cleaned the wall, removed all the loose particles, changed the adhesive and  I swear I did due diligence months in advance. I tested the adhesive, no problem. Turns out you have to test on the exact brick your art work is going to attach to, not some random brick you have at home. 


Well, sometimes things need to just be attached with a giant nail. After so much angst, I decided to do what I probably should have done in the first place. Take 56 mortar nails and eye hooks and secure my pieces to that D@#$ brick wall - no more raining men, no more freaked out patrons. And a better night's sleep for me. The show has been extended and the work will be up until February 2nd. 

56 Faces

Going from experimentation and an idea to installation.

 A while back I was playing around with drawing the faces of my wrestlers blindly, (as in, looking at my reference image and not the page.) I did probably 100 of them, small pieces about 4". I liked them, but the scale was all wrong. How to scale up? How to preserve the loose brush strokes? (Opaque Projector).  What materials to use (Matt Acrylic opaque) how to cut them out (laser cutter). How to install them on a brick wall (still working on that). How many people does it need to solve these questions? (5). Here's my adventure in pictures: 


The next phase of course is to figure out how to install the piece. It's going on a brick wall, ever installed 56 pieces on a brick wall? and how to install it in a couple of hours? Secure but removable - still working on that, in the mean time, I'm creating a large template for installation day. 

Why I draw every day

A couple of years back I decided I needed to draw every day. EVERY DAY. It has taken some time until I felt comfortable breaking out my sketch book at the park, the cafe, and lately at parties. The drawings are not supposed to be perfect, and they are not, but it's a sketch book after all, and I'm kind of OK with that. It's more important to me to do my practice than to worry about being embarrassed about the outcome.

Here are some of the sketches I did this weekend. (and yes, it was a great party!)


and now, I can get back in the studio there are some random paper structures that want my attention. Plasma cutting will be my new venture.


past: Duwamish River Artist Residency Exhibit

The Duwamish River Artist Residency had an exhibit at the North Seattle Community College Gallery. What a great way to finally see everyone's work. We get so wrapped up in drawing, exploring and dodging the big trucks, we didn't really get to see each others work.

past: SAM Gallery Show May 2013:


May 9th - June 8. Artist's Choice
SAM Gallery's 40th Anniversary Celebration 

SAM Gallery: Art Sales and Rental
Seattle Tower
1220 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: 206.343.1101

Paintings of the human figure in motion, based on images of wrestlers